Don’t You Have an I.T. Professional?

“The core of what Google is about is bringing information to people.” — Sundar Pichai

Every millennial I know who works in an office setting gets calls that should be fielded by someone in an information technology department.

“James, can you help me copy and paste this hyperlink?”
“Jane, I accidentally rearranged my Powerpoint presentation. How do I undo it?”
“Alex, my app store won’t open. What do I do?”

And, every millennial who gets questions like this wants to tell you to do two things, in this order:
1) Use Google
2) Call I.T.

The time that many millennials waste helping our less-than tech savvy coworkers isn’t only a waste of time and far outside our job descriptions – it’s irritating when asked over and over. Those of us who wanted to go into information technology did. The company/organization pays someone to do what you’re asking us to do. Have I.T. help you (or just Google it, like most of us technologically-omniscient young folks do before we answer the questions you asked).

And this isn’t me pointing a finger at anyone. Just my thoughts on ongoing conversations I have with many of my peers. No love (that was already there) lost.


Make using Google a priority.


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