“Accepting the reality of change gives rise to equanimity.” – Allan Lokos

When eight hours feel like twelve in a bad way, it’s time to reevaluate. Sometimes it’s your job. Sometimes it’s you not taking enough time away from your job. And other times, it’s just life hitting you harder than you thought it would. Either way, I strongly suggest exercises in mindfulness when you feel overwhelmed. Stop going through the motions and checking out. Start praying or meditating. Focus on your breathing. Drink some water. Read a book and take notes. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to laugh, find a show that you find funny (The Office is my go to if you need a suggestion). But know that nothing is ever that serious. The world isn’t going to end, even if you think it is. It just may be dim at this moment.

Recently, I went to my first yoga session. It was awesome. I’m going to try to do it more. If you’re having trouble being mindful, consider some regular form of mediation. Don’t run yourself into the ground. Say no when you must. Helping everyone else in the world is no good if you yourself are not in a healthy place. Fight for your joy.


Make inner peace a priority.


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