You Can’t Lead Everywhere

“Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.” — Simon Sinek

Yesterday, I posted about getting better at saying “No.” Today, I’m going a bit deeper.

No one is meant to lead everywhere. For the longest time, I was a leader in every setting I stepped into. Classroom, field, court, board room, etc., I was voted to lead or be groomed to be the next leader. But now I don’t want that in every room and so I comfortably say “No, thank you.” Being a great leader (which I am working on now) is about selecting what you invest your time and energy in. That goes for everything from jobs to community service organizations to rec athletic teams.

I’m a solid leader. What I never asked myself is, “Do you want to lead?” Sometimes, the answer is yes. Other times, I’ve been guilted into it. But every project doesn’t deserve my guidance right now, just like they don’t all deserve yours. The world needs leaders but, in order to lead the world, you have to choose not to be mayor over the village.


Make professional development a priority.



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