“I Want To…”

“Would you rather fail because you cut corners to get to the finish line or succeed by running past the finish line?” — Deryle A. Daniels, Jr.

At this point in my life, there is no such thing as “I want to _____,” and not doing it. I may not be able to succeed in it at that moment but I realize that if I want something, I must take steps to make it happen. It won’t always be easy or comfortable but I can do it. If I want to run a marathon, I can do it. If I want to bench 400 pounds, I can do it. And if I want to become debt free and have $1M, I can do it.

The trick is in giving yourself a challenging but realistic timeline for everything, one which includes a plan. I’m not going to do a half tomorrow but, being that I’ve run 11 miles at one time before, I know 13 isn’t impossible. I just have to train my body to get back to that. I don’t bench 400 lbs. now (and don’t have a reason to shoot for that goal) but if I wanted to, it’s all about making incremental increases. Financially, if it continues that I am blessed with upward mobility professionally, multiple streams of income, and an ability to save, I will be able to hit that debt-free $1M within the next 5-10 years.

If I want it, pray for it, educate myself on it, and work for it, I can have it. And, in the event that I do the praying and the educating and the work required but don’t get it, I’m alright with that because I am still closer to it than I was when I said I wanted it. Nevertheless, I don’t go into it with that mindset. I go in with the expectation that I will succeed and you should do the same thing.


Make getting what you deserve a priority.


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