Born or Bred?

I don’t know if there are or aren’t born leaders. But I do know there are people who aren’t born leaders and make themselves leaders as a result of hard work.

There are rooms I step into and I take command. There are other rooms I step into and choose to take a backseat. And, lastly, there are times when time overrides true leadership.

Whether you’re a “born leader” who wants to be better or a manager who needs to brush up on his leadership skills, you can do it. But you have to want better for your team, even more than for yourself. That is the true sign of a leader: selflessly putting the team first. And, guess what? When you do that and your team succeeds, you’re going to get the credit. Of course, you are to share it, but it’s yours as the leader. So, whether born or bred, choose to be better daily.


Make professional development a priority.


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