Be Present in Your Routine

I am big on sticking to my routine. I wake up every weekday morning at 4:40 AM, brush my teeth and wash my face, start the car, pray, read, write, get dressed, drive to the gym, workout, go home to shower, make breakfast, get dressed (again), and go to work, help with car line, and then I eat my breakfast in my office. That’s how my mornings go consistently. I love it.

I had to modify today’s schedule. I woke up at the normal time but, right after I started the car, I stopped to think and be present instead of going through the motions. I realized that today would be would be unusually long and likely taxing. I have a work social to be at this evening, which I have to leave from to go directly to a 6:30 PM alumni board meeting that is an hour away. Following the meeting, I have a couple stops to make before coming home, once again driving an hour. That being said, 4:40 AM to an estimated 11:00 PM just isn’t smart when I’ll be behind the wheel. So, what did I do? I adapted. Friday mornings are run days. I shifted my Thursday lifting to Friday and I’ll run on Saturday morning.

Routines are great because they help you develop discipline. There are plenty of days I don’t want to go to the gym but I do because that is my routine. As professionals in an ever-changing world, however, we must be able to realize the difference between making an excuse and being logical. It would be illogical for me to be driving on a day that was that draining on me.

Develop a routine but be present in that routine. If you’re not, you could be making a debilitating mistake.


Make being present a priority.


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