10 Steps to a Perfectly Organised Wardobe

Came across this article yesterday and thought it would help quite a few of my readers. Though it is targeted toward men, it can certainly be adapted and made to work for ladies as well. If you like the gist of it, feel free to finish it up by clicking the link at the end. (By the way, I love reading the idiosyncrasies that come with British English, when compared to American English. Makes me wonder how we mis-learned so many apparently correct ways of spelling words.)

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood, US Editor, MR PORTER

Minimalism might be the smug Instagram ideal, but the reality for most people – those of us who like buying clothes anyway – is a wardrobe and cupboards that are over-stuffed at best and a precariously balanced landslide-in-waiting at worst.

If it’s a struggle to prise a hanger from the rail or a sweater from the shelf and doing so brings with it the garments either side, then you’re suffering from stuffocation and everything will end up looking creased. And all those items hidden away in the dark recesses? You never wear them. You’ve probably forgotten you even own them.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Clear away the clutter and you’ll be able to access all areas. Not only will that remove some low-level stress from your life, but you will open up exponentially more outfit possibilities, rediscover some old favourites and breathe new life into your everyday look.

And yes, OK, we will admit to having an ulterior motive. Because oh look, you can suddenly fit in more clothes. Turns out we can help with that, too.


Make remaining organized a priority.


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