Challenge Constructively

This morning at 5:30 AM, I got back to Prime Athletic Training & Fitness Institute for the first time in a week. Though I have gone running a couple times this week, today was my first day of lifting and it was obvious. Not because of the weight. I actually had a decent weight day. My effort is what told on me. It was as if I was proud of myself for just showing up. As if the gym should be happy I came. As if being there and doing the bare minimum and coasting through my “workout” was enough.

I was not there mentally. My mind was in a fantasy land. I was going through the motions so I could check off the gym box as opposed to being fully present. The General Manager, Rashard, came up to me about 30 minutes into my workout said “Bro, I’m glad you’re back in here but you see what that sign says?” “No sitting.” “No sitting. I’ve been watching you this whole workout. You’ve got to get back to it.” So I got back to it.

Find a community that cares enough about your wellbeing to get to know your work ethic and to challenge you when you miss the mark. I am past the point in life of needing a yes man/woman. Sure, sometimes everyone wants positive affirmation, but if I am messing up, I need you to let me know. Certainly don’t berate me maliciously but please come to me with constructive criticism that I can use.

Thanks to Rashard, I will be back where I need to be next time I step in the gym. Choose to be in spaces like Prime, where you are challenged, as opposed to spaces where they are just glad they pocketed your money for another month. And that applies to every circle you are in, from fitness to professional to social to spiritual. If it is not making you better, make it better so that it can make you better or let it go.

Make finding the right community a priority.


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