How Did We Forget Them?

I’m watching Flint Town on Netflix and I realize that America has forgotten about this city. If the citizens of Beverly Hills or Orlando or even Chapel Hill were drinking/bathing in/brushing their teeth with toxic water, it wouldn’t be happening for four years (well, three years and eleven months to be exact). People are drinking water that will adversely affect them for decades to come. It is a slow, government sanctioned genocide and we know about it but no one is being held responsible. Do the children in our community deserve clean water any more than those in Flint? What makes one life more valuable than another?

And, for those who say it’s their fault for living there, what choice did the children have? The lead levels are still going up, nearly four years later and these young people with bodies that are still developing will be dealing with this forever.

The bottom line is we don’t care. I wish the citizens of Flint’s rights were as important to America as the rights of gun owners.

We don’t trust in God. We trust in money and Flint isn’t a production metropolis anymore so, guess what? Flint is dispensable.

If I’ve screwed up your weekend, imagine this being your 204th weekend knowing that your water was poisoned by your government.


Make loving our fellow human beings a priority.


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