Feels So Good to Be Alive

I got an e-mail from one of my go to hip-hop sites, Ambrosia for Heads, and the subject line talked about a collab between Royce Da 5’9” and J. Cole. I was so excited that, before even getting to the content in the e-mail, I went to Spotify and looked up the song (which just dropped today). I listened and it sounded super dope and I wanted to drop it on The Reader for you all but at the end of the song, I realized I hadn’t heard J. Cole nor Royce’s voices. The song wasn’t theirs! I had been bamboozled! But the song I had heard was dope, so I figured “Let’s see whose it is.” Turns out, after a second listen and while Googling some of the lyrics, it’s a song by XUITCASECITY called “Alive.”

I don’t usually post music but I think the positive vibes in this song are necessary. Life is tough sometimes but remember that you’re alive. This song that I happened to stumble upon is now on my wake up playlist. Check it out below. And have a great weekend.


Make joy a priority.


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