Fear of a Unicorn

“Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is a dream. Right now is all there is.” — Anjan Basu

We cannot allow what may or may not come to hinder us from greatness. Like every unicorn, every tomorrow is something every living person imagines but no living person has ever seen.

The world could end tomorrow. Or, tomorrow you could find a mega millions lottery ticket. Aliens could invade the planet tomorrow and prove everything you think to be true wrong. What I’m saying is your idea could succeed or it could fail. But it will certainly fail if you don’t put in the time right now required for the former. Any combination of 8 million things could happen with every second that passes. All we have is right now..

I’m not saying don’t fear unicorns. There’s nothing wrong with fear. But when that fear prevents you from experiencing right now, you’re letting your imagination beat you.


Make living in reality a priority.


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