Making the Moments Matter

Time is the one resource that has been proven time and time again to be nonrenewable. It doesn’t have half-lives that extend its impact. You cannot develop a synthetic minute. It is what it is. We have a finite amount of time to experience an infinite combination of experiences and spending it on everything but your own purpose is an affront to the Creator.

That being said, make every moment the best one you’ve ever had. I’m aware that each second cannot be as exhilarating as your favorite memory. I will never be able to replicate the first time I had pieces published on Blavity or Revolt. Walking into work on Monday morning may not be as exciting the first time your vegan blog got 500 hits in a day. And I’m willing to bet that, no matter how she tries, I’m willing to bet a mother will never shed the tears of joy she did when she saw her firstborn child smile. But we can all choose to make an attempt at finding the beauty in every second. And, if there is no beauty in that moment, there is a lesson that can bring you to a beautiful place if you take heed.

Somewhere, the seconds we have are predetermined. Whether you will take your last breath because of old age or as a result of a meteor that comes crashing down to end humanity, no one knows is certain. What we do know is that we have a choice. Choose moments to make every moment matter.


Make meaningful moments a priority.


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