Stepping Into The Right Space

Gone are the days of working somewhere for thirty to forty years. We have more exposure, options and opportunities than any generation before us and we’re not afraid to explore them. We want upward mobility within a defined timeframe and the moment we find that mobility to be outside our reach, we reevaluate how long we need to be in the role.

I know I’m speaking from an extremist point of view. There are many who are doing well in their jobs. I have friends who graduated from undergrad or grad school and have been working for the same place for five years and there is nothing wrong with that. But I also have friends who I can count on to jump from job to job every year or two. Both groups are valid. In this day and age, we need the stabilizers and the innovators, the creatives and the regulators. The envelope must be pushed but it cannot be eliminated.

Still, to those who regulate and maintain the boundaries, I challenge you to keep your options open. In the words of pop sensation Chris Brown, “these (companies) ain’t loyal.” I’ll say it over and over again. We have to, as individuals providing a service to a corporation, know our worth and, if that worth is unappreciated, we have to figure out either how that can be rectified or where it would be more appreciated. I believe in your ability to bring value into a space that you’re passionate about. The question is, are you willing to take the risk to find out where that space exists and then invest the effort required to be a valuable member of that space?


Make professional development a priority.


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