Don’t Wait Until Monday

I haven’t ran more than six miles at one time since 2015. I’ve done quite a few five-milers and even an accidental six here and there but today, I went out and did seven solid miles on an unforgiving hilly trail.

The thing is, I wanted to wait until Monday to “get back.” I figured it made sense to start on the first day of the week. But who made up these asinine rules that you have to start and end at a certain time to be effective? Who informed us that we have to look a certain way to succeed?

Don’t wait until Monday to go for a run. Don’t wait until 8 AM to start being productive. Don’t wait until January 1, 2019 to make the changes that you know need to be made right now. Life is short. Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is a fantasy. All we have is now and, right now, I’m telling you to break the rules of conventionality and do it with such confidence that everyone around you wonders why they too are not living with such freedom.


Make being effective more of a priority than looking effective.


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