OTR II – Live from Cardiff, Wales

I’ll kick this off by saying that the only Beyoncé songs I’ve ever liked have been the ones w/ Jay Z on them. I just haven’t ever gotten into her or her music. Such is life. But I must give credit where credit is due. The woman is an amazing performer. She is, in my mind, a better performer than vocalist but she actually showed her range some last night at the opening show of the On The Run II tour. Now, does this mean I’m adding her to my playlists? No. But she did her thing last night and put on an amazing show.

Ok, now on to the next one. Jay showed up and showed out. I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t reach as far back into his catalog as I would’ve liked but he hit the Blueprint album so I won’t complain. From where we were standing, I one of a few Jay fans in the vicinity, but we were also in the United Kingdom and I will be the first to admit that, while Jay is more of an icon within the African-American male community, Beyoncé is a world pop star so I’m not surprised. Either way, I was going in, spitting every line like I had been in the booth feeding him lyrics. This was my third time seeing him live and I’ve come to the conclusion that he is the most impactful name in the history of hip-hop. He saw hip-hop as a political movement. He was in the rap game through its gangster stage. And now, as mumble rappers are dumbing it down and conscious ones are working to maintain a level of excellence, he is still the go to O.G. Last night, he showed that even as he knocks on 50, he can deliver an amazing show and spit a dope freestyle.


If you can, I suggest going to see the show wherever you can. Don’t go broke doing it but if it means cutting out a few beers over the next couple months, make that happen. They’re great as individual performers but together, they are unbelievable.


Make exploring the world a priority.


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