Time to Start Being Weird

Ok, this weird that I’m talking about isn’t really weird. It’s just uncommon these days. I’m challenging you to start reading. I’m not talking about books and articles (though those are important). It’s time to start reading the fine print.

Insert dramatic pause.

I’ve got news for you: companies are out to make money. No matter how many say they want to offer great customer service and make sure you’re satisfied and this and that, money is the ultimate goal of every company from Amazon to Gucci. When your local grocery store takes back that product that they say can be returned at any time if you’re dissatisfied, it’s because they can damage the product out without losing money. If stores’ bottom lines were affected with every return, please believe there would be a system in place to minimize that. Don’t believe me? Look at how Nordstrom’s return policy has shifted over the past two years. Or L.L. Bean’s policy change. Bottom lines matter more than customer service at the end of the day. Yes, some companies will take short term losses for long term loyalty but that only goes so far, as was the case with Nordstrom.

Which brings me back to my initial point (and the purpose of this post): You have to be weird and read the fine print. I know no one does it but I’m not in my twenties anymore. I can’t say “I didn’t know” and have people feel bad for me. Yesterday, I came out of pocket for something that could’ve been replaced free of charge because my failure to read fine print voided my warranty. Not saying you have to read all the fine print in the world but, for those things that really matter (cars, homes, life insurance, etc.), make sure you’re aware of what will keep you from taking full advantage of everything you’re paying for.

It’s a part of adulting, people. It sucks but it is what it is.


Make reading the fine print a priority.



  1. This is sooooo true! My mom reads all of the fine print for absolutely everything! If a person working with her is annoyed or impatient with her for reading what she is about to put her name on she’ll walk away and say she doesn’t need it that bad.

    Because of the person that she is, I am the person that I am and often read the fine print or at a minimum I’ll skim it. I’ve noticed when going to events that many times there will be various waivers and the person handing out the information says “sign here & here” yet when I ask what it’s for, they rarely know. Sometimes they’ll give a half hearted response and after reading it they were wrong.

    I completely agree with you on this one.


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