You’re Thinking Too Small

Don’t just try to be Apple or Samsung or Ford; be what they all need: Bluetooth. Every phone I’ve had since my first one (including some once popular brands that have fallen out of good graces with the public) have had Bluetooth. Every American car company offers BT software integration. Each smartphone and computer manufacturer. Right now, I have seven BT devices that I can connect to in the house (two sets of headphones, three speakers, a sound bar, and my MacBook Pro). While I didn’t buy my laptop because of it, I did buy my headphones because of that specific capability. Sure, the headphones say Jaybird but, when I talk to my friends, I call them Bluetooth headphones.

And that’s not just a tech thing. Patent something that can be yours that an industry needs. What will make life easier or a service more seamless? Will you make the new barcode? How about a virtual keyboard? Will it be a new kind of sleeve for bananas that keeps the fruit fresher for longer? Whatever it is, make it bigger than branding. Have it be something that is integrated in multiple brands.


Make thinking bigger a priority.


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