Increase Your Likelihood of Success

At the beginning of this month, I told myself I would knock out 60 miles. Sounds easy, right? Just means I have to average 2 miles each day.

I started strong and continued strong. I was top three on my Nike Running Club app leaderboard… until homecoming. Since homecoming, I’ve had trouble making a dent in my goal.

Yesterday, I told myself, “You have 10 more days until the month is over and 35.4 miles to run. You can do seven five-mile runs (give or take), four ten-milers, or a variation of the two.” So, I knocked out 5.5 miles and called it quits.

Today, I recalculated; 9 days with 30 miles to do. That’s three ten-milers, ten three-milers, six five-mile runs, or five six-mile runs. I had time so I did the ten.

Now, as I recalculate for the remaining eight days, I have greatly increased my chances of succeeding. I can easily run five miles four times between now and next Wednesday to hit my goal. Tomorrow, I may knock out ten and really increase my chances of succeeding.

How can you take this and apply it to your life? What goals do you have for this month or year that seem to have gotten away from you? Maybe it’s saving money. Maybe it’s losing weight. Maybe it’s knocking out x books. Don’t think about the fact that you won’t get them done. Figure out how you will accomplish them. Do the math, then do more than the minimum. Keep chipping away and, before you know it, you will have reached the goal.


Make finishing a priority.



  1. […] Last week, I posted about my 60 mile goal. With 11 days to go, I was 37 miles from my goal. Today, I hit mile 60 and, then, I kept running. Why? Because 62.14 miles is 100KM and I don’t know when I’ll ever be hitting this point again. Could be next month. Could be next year. Could be next lifetime. Who knows. All I know is that, today, I decided to accomplish something I’ve never done before. Why? Because, next time I want to accomplish something major when it comes to running, it has to be bigger than this. I’ve done a half-marathon. I’ve done a 100K month. What’s next? Either a full or 200K. […]


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