People See It In You. Why Don’t You?

So many people see greatness in you. They see that you are capable of accomplishing your dreams. Sure, there are people who don’t support but that’s life. The bottom line is, the person who needs to believe in you the most often doesn’t believe in you enough.

Trust that your passion will get you where you need to go. Today, I got a call from my brother to help him as he develops an internship program for his business. Lately, people have been contacting me for more and more creative gigs. While development consumes my days, my creative juices are always flowing. At night, I stay up creating content and editing photos.

I’m not saying quit your job to follow your creative aspirations… yet. I’m saying don’t let those things that pay your bills keep you from using your gifts. They are stepping stones. A means to an end. A seed of passion was placed into you for a reason. Water it so it can grow or it will die.


Make using your gifts a priority.


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