Money Creates Change

I believe voting plays a role in the political process.

I believe money plays a bigger role. Money buys influence.

The quickest way to get the amount of money that can get you influence is to build a great brand.

I’m not saying money is everything. Voting is a thing too. But voting is a thing every so often. Money is an every day thing. So get money. Use it wisely. Purchase positive, objective, empathetic, inclusive influence (unlike the negative, subjective, selfish, exclusive influence rich white men are known to have). Change the world for the better. And, every time there’s an election, vote as well.

Vote with your dollars. Support politicians that openly back what is best for the entire community. Spend money in stores whose values align with yours. Let’s change America one street, town, county, and state at at time.


Make changing the brokenness a priority.


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