The Connection

The older we get, the more difficult it is to break away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. That has always been the case; the more responsibility you take on, the less time you spend enjoying your days. Now, throw in technology and you have a real lack of necessary human interaction. Online social networks are virtually satisfying but they don’t fill the void many of us have by engaging in an authentic fashion with our companions on this journey called life. That lack of interaction plays heavily into the degeneration of our society. While we were once on trajectory to break down walls of inequality and bias, we have come so far that we have replaced the desire to connect with others outside of a virtual setting. But desire and need are two very different things. We still need one another. We need to shake hands, hug, and feel the warmth of another’s smile. While some of that can be maintained for briefly through a screen, none of it can be created in virtual spaces. We must look at one another, share a cup of coffee or whiskey or wine or whatever, and hear the other person’s stories.

Finding the right space for you is very much like dating (Haha… I have never dated as an adult but I understand it conceptually): sometimes, you hit a home run the first time to bat and, other times, you give the other pitcher a nine-inning no-hitter (I also never played baseball but I understand it conceptually). I’m somewhere in the middle. Since I moved back to Durham 4 years ago, I have looked for the right social group. Every one I’ve connected with, from the runners’ group to the young black professionals’ GroupMe, has offered a piece of what I needed but something has been missing. Last night, I think I found what I needed. I’ll let you all know when I know.

I say that to say, find what you need. Find a space where you can connect authentically with people who inspire you to continue developing yourself.


Make finding authentic connections a priority.


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