I’m Thinking Bigger in 2019

I recall people saying my father’s aspirations were too grandiose. And, it’s not hard to recall because, even today, 7 years after his passing, there are some who still say it. While I do agree that he had big dreams, as I work to bring my dreams to life, I can’t say they were “too” big. I don’t believe dreams can be too big. Now, sure, they can be poorly executed. We can try to skip necessary steps in the process (which usually leads to us missing a lesson that we will need down the road). But I don’t believe in dreaming too big anymore. As a matter of fact, it’s not illogical to believe that you can do anything. Do you want to know why? Because others have pushed the envelope of where humanity can go and those people are no more or less valuable to the world than you are.

From now on, I’m done thinking first class is as far as I’m going to get. I’m shooting for having the option to purchase the new BBJ777X. And it’s not all about the money or the status. It’s about not selling yourself short. Having the option is just that: an option. And I know it is one I can attain. But, to get there, I must take the steps: coach to business class to first class to 777X. There’s no elevator to the mansion in the sky (though there may be on one it).

It’s not about the plane. Or the cars or the houses or the trips. It’s about the journey that gets you to the point that you appreciate it. Set the goal but plan the steps as well.


Make embracing the process a priority.


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