Be Mindful of Your Energy and Choose to Change It

We all have challenging days. It happens. But be mindful of them and try not to put negative energy out to the world.

Yesterday, my morning was filled with the homelessness that has come to characterize Durham’s downtown. Over the hour that preceded my 9:45 haircut appointment, I came in direct contact with four brothers who looked like me in need of financial assistance. It was an exhausting start to what would turn into a less-than-productive Monday. Toward the end of my work day, I began typing out a blog post that, though relevant, didn’t come from a helpful place. So, I saved it in the drafts as opposed to putting those vibes into the world.

I knew what I needed. First, I needed to read Galatians 6:9. Secondly, I needed my favorite meal. Aware that I had a bottle of wine and a quality grass-fed organic steak sitting in the fridge, I decided to stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a potato and some green beans. That night, I did no work and I hit reset.

Today, as I sit on the patio of this market, I am hopeful. I believe that the people in need I saw yesterday will have a better tomorrow. I am convinced that the direction of America will adjust for the better, if not immediately, at the right time. I know that, tough as life may be, we were all put here to help someone else in some way. All of these things were realized because I made a decision to do what I needed to do so that I could be happier. You know what it takes to make yourself smile, so do it. If you are capable of reading this post, you are capable of making yourself smile. I believe that.


Make rediscovering hope a priority.


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