The Daniels Daily Reader is an extension of Daniels Professional Development Company.  DPDC was founded by Deryle A. Daniels, Jr. in January of 2012 and focuses on developing young professionals following their graduation or as they prepare to enter into any professional field.

The Reader is a daily publication that centers around classic professional development whilst keeping abreast with the ever-changing style and culture of corporate America.  Whereas I recognize that everyone does not intend to move into the corporate arena, I firmly believe that you can never be over-educated for any given situation and, thus, I intend to utilize The Reader to educate young professionals on topics ranging from networking effectively to being well-dressed to finding the correct productivity app for your smart phone.

More often than not there are variations in culture from company to company but I look to provide a general level of professionalism that spans across all fields.

For more personalized questions, comments, or to inquire about the services offered by DPDC, feel free to comment on a post, e-mail me (, or follow me on Instagram and Twitter @DanDailyReader.

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