The Ultimate Guide on How to Wear A Suit


Haircut: Professional or Personality?

Gentlemen, the hairstyle you choose is key to your success as a young professional so I had to include it in the "Controlled Externalities" series. Though the business world is becoming more and more progressive, there are still glass ceilings that can be placed above those of us who opt out the traditional hairstyles.  It … Continue reading Haircut: Professional or Personality?


Getting your nails done is for women, right? So let's call it what it really is: a manicure. Keeping well-manicured fingernails is key when you are a business professional. As a man, when I meet you, I will notice three things other than your clothes when we meet: I will observe your hair (scalp and … Continue reading MAN-icure

Let’s Clear a Few Things Up

Good morning and welcome to another Well-Dressed Wednesday.  As I said last week, I will be spending the next few weeks on a series titled "Controlled Externalities" which focuses on those aspects of your appearance that you have control over but aren't apart of your actual wardrobe. I want to start the series off by … Continue reading Let’s Clear a Few Things Up

Controlled Externalities Series: Introduction

Over the next few Well-Dressed Wednesdays, I will be posting on the topic of . It is of the utmost importance because, when thinking about your personal brand, you not only need to take your outfit into account when examining your appearance but also the physical aspects of your body that you can control, ranging … Continue reading Controlled Externalities Series: Introduction

The Proper Way to Hold Your Pants Up

Ok, so we all know you need to wear a belt.  If there are belt loops on your waistband, you should have on a belt.  Point, blank, period.  But, depending on where you are, you have some wiggle room as far as what kind of belt you choose to wear.   This infographic goes into detail … Continue reading The Proper Way to Hold Your Pants Up