Five Essential Items for Every Man’s Closet

When it comes to your clothes, it’s worth investing time and money in key pieces that will last a lifetime. by Yale Breslin ONCE UPON A TIME, men’s fashion was simple. A few pairs of jeans, a few good suits and you were set—not just for a season but for years. Talk about the good … Continue reading Five Essential Items for Every Man’s Closet



Here we are, halfway through October and the weather should be cooling down over the next few weeks. But, just because it’s fall/winter doesn't mean you don't have to still look your best at work. So how can you look great and still stay warm? Layering my friends. Layering. Now, you don't want to walk … Continue reading Layering

Selecting Your Supsenders

Suspenders are pretty neat, aren't they?  They're becoming more and more popular but there are those of us who will wear them long after the trend passes.  And, if you're one of those people (or if not), I have some advice for you: Wear them right. Clip on suspenders are all well and good... when … Continue reading Selecting Your Supsenders

Homecoming 2014 – What to Wear?

Welcome to October!  Though autumn officially started a few weeks ago, no one really takes that seriously until October.  September is that weird in-between month that is kind of summer and kind of not.   But there's no questioning October.  It and November are the quintessential autumnal months.  And one thing that makes October so great … Continue reading Homecoming 2014 – What to Wear?

Forget the Alliteration

#FallFashion is going to be trending for the next few months but I prefer #AutumnStyle.  See, fashion is all well and good but it is temporary.   Style is a part of your personality.  It is natural and intentional.  It is classic but not stagnant.  The more I learn, the more it evolves.  So, during this autumn … Continue reading Forget the Alliteration

Understanding the Dress Shirt: Custom Shirt

Great article from The Art of Manliness. A man’s dress shirt can elegantly frame his face during a presentation and later absorb his perspiration during a tough round of questioning. It can play a supporting role by enhancing his sport jacket or it can stand alone and be the centerpiece of his outfit. The dress … Continue reading Understanding the Dress Shirt: Custom Shirt

How To Pack a Shirt

To all of my travelers, making sure that your shirts are packed properly is often a challenge.  Especially on a short trip, taking the time to unpack, iron, and repack can be a tiresome to say the least.  Generally, I use method 3, taught to me by my girlfriend, but the other two methods might … Continue reading How To Pack a Shirt