Don’t Wait Until Monday

ife is short. Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is a fantasy. All we have is now and, right now, I’m telling you to break the rules of conventionality and do it with such confidence that everyone around you wonders why they too are not living with such freedom. Continue reading Don’t Wait Until Monday


0° to 180° to 360° Real Quick

Don’t let your 180° transformation turn into a 360° revolution. Wake up and do that yoga. Read that chapter of a book during lunch. Get home and go on that jog. Fill out that business plan template before bed. You owe it to yourself. Continue reading 0° to 180° to 360° Real Quick

Challenge Constructively

Choose to be in spaces like Prime, where you are challenged, as opposed to spaces where they are just glad they pocketed your money for another month. And that applies to every circle you are in, from fitness to professional to social to spiritual. If it is not making you better, make it better so that it can make you better or let it go. Continue reading Challenge Constructively

Enjoy the 68°

I’m at a stage in life where I don’t care enough to allow anyone to make me grossly unhappy. So right now, I’m here in a polo, chinos, and chucks with the sky as my ceiling, my earphones playing a pretty cool Spotify playlist, and my lap as my desk, working on projects and loving this 68° cloudy day. Why? Because I don’t have any meetings today, so why not? Continue reading Enjoy the 68°