What Do They See?

Make sure you're presenting yourself in the most intentional manner possible, while paying attention to whether or not your look aligns with what your target market is looking for. And, if you're having a tough time doing that, reach out to me or someone else who takes their brand seriously. I'm definitely here as a resource.


Investing In Me

I couldn't do it all myself. I couldn't keep tossing pennies into a wishing well and hoping that some magical genie would appear with a stack of opportunities. I had to put my money where my mouth was and pay someone who had the resources I don't have to get me where I needed to … Continue reading Investing In Me


"Every day, I'm hustlin'." -- Rick Ross This year, I'm all about grinding every day. Even your day of rest is about recharging so that you can grind harder the other six days. Do I need money? Of course. Is my grind about money? No. Do I want to be the best at what I … Continue reading Hustlin’

Neither the Place Nor the Time

I do not subscribe to the old fashioned school of thought that politics are not to be discussed. There is certainly a time and a place for those discussions: anywhere but work. I am a firm believer that, unless of course politics is your field, you should keep it out of the workplace. And that … Continue reading Neither the Place Nor the Time

Keep Keeping On

This morning, I was able to provide LinkedIn with some constructive feedback for the beta version of their new site. About twice a month since early July, I've been working with LinkedIn's site development team to make sure that the newest version is on par with what professionals, both young and seasoned, are looking for … Continue reading Keep Keeping On

Too Many Followers

So many people want to be important. And that's fine. I think every human being should aspire to have a positive impact on the human race. But your desire to be known should not be greater than your desire to learn, which is why I don't worry about my follower to following ratio. Folks use … Continue reading Too Many Followers

Automate. Personalize.

Automate content. Personalize responses. It's that simple. Create content for everyone. Content that all of your readers want to read. Content that even those you aren't looking to reel in will click on so that they can copy and paste the link to their family member or friend or coworker. Your content has to be … Continue reading Automate. Personalize.