Why I Decided to Wear My Natural Hair for a Professional Headshot

When deciding on how to present oneself for a professional  photoshoot, many people don't have to decide between wearing their hair natural or not because their natural is seen as normal. But when black people, and, more specifically, many black women, decide that the want to wear their hair in the way that it was … Continue reading Why I Decided to Wear My Natural Hair for a Professional Headshot


Death to (Workplace) Rape Culture

Let's talk about the side of America and the American workplace that no one wants to: the misogynistic side. Just as America was built on the brains and backs of black people, it was birthed from the wombs, works, and wisdom of women. Why do we treat those we owe so much to so poorly? Will that forever be an inherent human flaw?

The Virtuous Woman in a World of Vixens

You don’t have to do things that go against your morals to get ahead in the world. You don’t have to sleep or cheat or lie or steal your way to the top. Don’t miss the scenic route by letting something superficial quickly take you where your mind could’ve taken you.

Wednesdays Are For Women

Going forward, Wednesdays will be dedicated to the ladies working hard to make it happen. Whether I have a guest writer or I repost an article focused on women's issues in professional settings, know that you all will have something to look forward to here on The Reader.