iOrange-E: Brand Review

How many of us have iPhones? I'm willing to bet that between 1/3 and 1/2 of my readers do. And how many will be upgrading their iPhone 5(s)/6(s) to a 7? Well, I'd definitely suggest making sure you protect it with a case. But, what I've realized through my past 3 iPhones is that a … Continue reading iOrange-E: Brand Review


Selecting Your Supsenders

Suspenders are pretty neat, aren't they?  They're becoming more and more popular but there are those of us who will wear them long after the trend passes.  And, if you're one of those people (or if not), I have some advice for you: Wear them right. Clip on suspenders are all well and good... when … Continue reading Selecting Your Supsenders

Acceptable Bags

In a day and age where so many things are gender neutral, many men struggle with what they can and cannot do while still maintaining a standard of masculinity that the deem acceptable.  This includes deciding what bag to carry to work.  Should you keep it college with a backpack, play it safe with a … Continue reading Acceptable Bags

Chilly Complements: Styling Your Scarf

As the year progresses, cooler winds prevail over warmer ones. I'm sure you're not surprised by that, being that this has happened each year since long before you or I were born. So, being that that doesn't come as a shock, neither should the fact that you have to cover your more vulnerable body parts … Continue reading Chilly Complements: Styling Your Scarf

The Art of the Pocket Square

Pocket squares are in style right now.  And, while you could just stuff it in your pocket and have it look cool, sometimes it's nice to start off with a plan of action.  Below is an infographic on various ways to fold your pocket squares.  Check it out and share it with your friends.


If you know me or follow me on any social network, you know I'm very into my outfits. But anyone can put on a shirt and some jeans. My outfits are defined by my accessories and they have been since I was in middle school. Whether sporting a matching headband and wristband (7th grade), a … Continue reading Accessories

Harrison Fjord Style Cheat Sheet Pt. 1

I was checking out Pinterest and came across this pretty neat style cheat sheet.  I'm sure no one has the time before getting dressed to look through all of my Well-Dresssed Wednesday posts everytime he heads out the door but keep these simple things in mind (even save the graphic to your phone if need … Continue reading Harrison Fjord Style Cheat Sheet Pt. 1