Meeting Ms. Issa Rae

Some of us are awkward and insecure and oddly funny folks who don't like seeing the same person in the hall three times in a work day because how many times can you really say "Hello"?


Out of the Night

Though this blog is for people of all backgrounds, being that today is the first day of Black History Month, I'm going to take a step from the professional side of things to honor the legacy of those who fought, are fighting, and will fight for equality for people of all backgrounds.   Out of … Continue reading Out of the Night

Leave a Legacy

In the autumn of 2003, I was asked to represent the Chapel Hill-Carborro City Schools district at a conference for high-performing minority students across the country. After my first conference, my presence was requested two more times, one conference being in Princeton, NJ and the other in Cambridge, MA. On my travels, I met some driven, … Continue reading Leave a Legacy

Why I Love What I Do

I fundraise. I fundraise for a relatively small PS-8 independent school. I fundraise for a relatively small PS-8 independent school that is in one of the most educated metropolitan areas in the nation per capita. Yet, when I look at the school, I see that it is only 30% "diverse" (minority). I don't know the … Continue reading Why I Love What I Do