Paying It Forward

That's why I give back to my institution. Why do you give back to yours? And, if you don't, you should give something. Every dollar counts.


I’m Your Pusher

People of all races, we must change the narratives surrounding non-whites in America. All blacks are not here to either rob or entertain you. All Jewish people aren't here to be your lawyers or manage your money. All Latinos aren't here illegally and looking for migrant work. All Middle Easterners aren't looking for an opportunity to commit acts of violence. This is the point in history where we have the most access to the most information but we are regressing as a society.

In a Hong Kong Minute

Hey folks! I'm back in the United States! Thankfully I had automated Monday's post because I was in no position to write on Monday. In Europe, I gave you a rundown of what was going on everyday in real time. This trip, however, was so short and jam packed that I decided I would just … Continue reading In a Hong Kong Minute

The World Keeps Spinning

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVELY MOTHER AND MY AMAZING AUNT! Secondly, happy 8th Alpha anniversary to my line brothers. Couple years from a decade, LBs. #Fall0gr8 Thirdly, folks, whether you supported Hillary or not, the world keeps spinning. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I going to not go to work anymore because of … Continue reading The World Keeps Spinning

The Middle Ground

Yesterday, I watched a Huffington Post video that was sent to me on Twitter regarding the future of Black Greek Letter Organizations, specifically the Divine 9.  If you want to watch the 25 minute discussion on the topic of hazing in the culture, scroll to the bottom of this post, as I have embedded it … Continue reading The Middle Ground

The Eyes of the Line

The young men above both began college one year after the other and both fell under my tutelage by happen stance. Mr. Reko Daye (top), also from Durham, was assigned to the hall I was the resident advisor over during the 2008-09 academic year. I still remember the day he moved in and began his … Continue reading The Eyes of the Line

Steps To Victory

Last night I had four new brothers come into my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Incorporated, by way of my chapter, Pi Zeta. Out of those four, I had a pretty solid relationship with the two seniors on the line even before they became Alphas. Both had been trying to become members of the fraternity … Continue reading Steps To Victory