The (Real) Reason You Have Opportunity

I shouldn't be better off simply because I was born to certain parents in a certain state in a certain country. And, if I am better off because of that alone, then I have a responsibility to help make my fellow (wo)man better.



And, for those who say you can't oppose America and be a "good Christian" (because supporting slavery was such a Christ-like thing for the American people to do), I'm going to pray while I withhold my dollars, defend my family, or openly challenge the government. James 2:14-26.

A Big Game of Chess

I'm a chess player. Not great but I'm good. And, after this first full week of Donald Trump's presidency, I see that we, as American citizens who oppose this president's points of view, are playing chess. We must take actions that are not only decisive and intentional but also strategic. I tweeted it last night … Continue reading A Big Game of Chess

One Time For the First

"My president is black." -- Young Jeezy I still remember exactly where I was and who I was with when I found out that President Barack Obama would be the United States of America's forty-fourth president. Do I agree with everything President Barack Obama did? No way. I'm not brainwashed. But this man was the … Continue reading One Time For the First

Wrong Is Wrong

Dear* America, You stole their land when they were willing to share with you. You then promised them reservations. Now you're stealing the reservations you had no right to even give them on land that you had no right to take. When will this evil stop? Imminent domain is a figment of a lie that has been perpetuated … Continue reading Wrong Is Wrong