Never Give Up Your Peace

As we figure out this thing called life (which will never truly be figured out), we have to remember never to let go of our peace. Peace is the place where we find hope. Without the former, we cannot have the latter. Not only must you never give it up; your peace must be protected. I love storytelling, be it with a pen or a lens. While writing and photographing are business endeavors for me, there are pieces, both written and visual, that will not be seen during my lifetime. Those pieces are my protected peace.

Where is your solitude? What space do you keep sacred? Don’t lose it to work or family or money. Keep something that leads you to hope in your most challenging times. It can be running or sketching or singing in the shower or writing a book that only you plan to read. And it can change form over time. The point is, wherever you find peace*, make time to go there.


Make protecting your peace a priority.


*Peace isn’t always that thing that makes you feel “good.” It has to be healthy to be true peace.


Do You Really Need Kanye to Validate Me?

Don’t wait for someone else to validate your friend’s work to support him/her. Ask yourself, “If Kanye said my homie’s art was dope, would I start supporting?” If the answer is yes, don’t wait for ‘Ye or Kim or Barack or Cardi or LeBron or Beyoncé or Cole or anyone else to say it. Just support your people the same way you support ‘Ye or Kim or Barack or Cardi or LeBron or Beyoncé or Cole. Go to their shows. Rock their clothes. Hype them up on social media.

And, while money is ALWAYS nice for artists who pour our souls into our art forms, I get it: We don’t all have bread to spend on every little thing (I blame Sally Mae). But you can click a link. You can repost a piece of work or a web address. You can have their new track playing on your Instagram Story while you’re driving up I-95. You can go hard for your homie’s business like it’s yours every now and then. If you wouldn’t buy their stuff regardless of whether ‘Ye liked the work or not, that’s cool. But if (s)he is truly your friend, still repost because art is like food: everyone has different tastes.

In short, stop killing genuine art (and, ultimately, your friends’ livelihoods) with your apathy. It’s not 1984, it’s 2018. Supporting is as easy as tapping a touchscreen once or twice. If you don’t even do the bare minimum to support, don’t expect to get put on when your talented friends make it.

While we’re on the subject of support, check out my Patreon page and subscribe to get an exclusive look at my creative process and weekly pieces that won’t hit the public.

Make supporting your team a priority.

Make Today the Day

You made it through the day. If no one else says it, I’m proud of you. And yes, I know it’s a holiday. Most of you aren’t working. You deserve a day off. But take some time this evening to do something, anything, that will make every tomorrow easier. Read a book. Start the first page of a book. Purchase that domain name.

For me, that something was starting my Patreon account. It is going to help me monetize my content going forward. Click here to see what comes with a monthly subscription. I hope you’ll invest in my words and photographs for less than the cost of a happy hour drink.


Make finding a way to live off your craft a priority.

Greek Stop #2 – Athens

Ever seen the Disney film Hercules? Yeah, well I was there (a few thousand years later, but there nonetheless). Check out this historic city below.


First you control your mind, then use your mind to control your body.


Stay in the shadows. It’s cooler there.


Dedication: To the youth who march onward and upward toward the light.


These guys are serious about their marching.


Perfecting a technique on the subject that is perfect for me.


There is no shortage of well-done street art here.


We won first place but they forgot to give us our medals…


Pops would’ve loved this photograph.










View from the cover photo’s rooftop bar.


#EatPray10v3 Takes the United Kingdom

A few of my favourite images from the quick stop in the UK. To keep up with all the amazing images over the course of this two month excursion, follow @DSquaredVisuals.


An artist sits in a café across the street and captures a medieval cathedral in Cardiff, Wales.


My first international concert had to be featuring rap’s greatest entrepreneur.


40 Licks in St. David’s Dewi Sant


A queen kicks it on a corner in Cardiff.


What if America cared about us this much?


“The ceiling is the roof.” – – His Airness


The Great Western Rail felt like the Hogwarts Express. America, can we copy them soon?


If nature takes time to reflect, why don’t you think you should?


Need I say more?


Your Art, Your Vision

As a creative, while my art is inspired by the world around me, my vision is my vision. Everyone won’t love it. Someone will like it but will want to improve upon it. And, if your work is really good, people will (try to) steal it without giving you credit.

The same rules apply to your entrepreneurial visions. And that’s cool. While I strongly suggest protecting your work, artistic or otherwise, if you’re not creating things that others want to steal, are you creating anything worthwhile?

Make creating art people want to steal a priority. It’s an honor.