Looking the Part

Life is to short not to be able to present yourself in a manner that commands respect. I’m not saying you always have to be in a full suit and tie but at least know how to do it and look comfortable and confident when you do. Continue reading Looking the Part


The Creative’s Dress Game

Whatever your look, let it be inspired and let it inspire. We’re all here to make one another better. Borrow a part of someone else’s style and help someone else when they’re trying to borrow an aspect of yours. Continue reading The Creative’s Dress Game

The Proper Way to Hold Your Pants Up

Ok, so we all know you need to wear a belt.  If there are belt loops on your waistband, you should have on a belt.  Point, blank, period.  But, depending on where you are, you have some wiggle room as far as what kind of belt you choose to wear.   This infographic goes into detail on how you should be holding your pants up as a young professional.   (By the way, suspenders are also acceptable.  But only if you’re NOT wearing a belt.  Both should never be worn at once.  NEVER.) Continue reading The Proper Way to Hold Your Pants Up

Business Attire for the Ladies

Ladies, I rarely make Well-Dressed Wednesdays for you. And it is not because I don’t care about you all. Lord knows women are one of my favorite topics of discussion. I just don’t know that much about what you all need to be successful. So it requires a bit more effort for me to find out what information to pass on to you. But today I said I was going to find something for the ladies and betchabygollywow I did it. Below is a graphic depiction of some successful business professional outfits for ladies. Of course it’s not all inclusive … Continue reading Business Attire for the Ladies