I Got The Keys (DMix)

I do not dare speculate on what business will look like 20, 10, or even 3 years from now. But I do know that, with increased access to information, our generation has the potential to be the greatest, most philanthropic generation ever to touch the earth. We just have to embrace the fact that security has died and instead has been replaced by a reward to risk ratio.


If You’re Serious About It

This past weekend, I was at the screening of Creative NC, a documentary about creative culture in North Carolina and one guy said something that was profound to me. He said that if not getting enough likes on your artwork can discourage you from being an artist, you're not going to make it. I find … Continue reading If You’re Serious About It

Looking Through Someone Else’s Lens

On Becoming a Mind Reader How aware are you of how people perceive you? Do you care? You should, at least when it comes to within a workplace environment. Coming off as indifferent, arrogant, or antisocial can adversely affect your relationship with members of your team. But how do you know how you are perceived? … Continue reading Looking Through Someone Else’s Lens

There’s A Shift In Workplace Culture… And That’s Alright

Considering decades passed, with the exception of those born with a silver spoon, position in corporate America (when looked at from an equitable point of view) has always been based on time invested in a given field. You found a job, you learned the ins and outs of it over years, gaining experiences and innovating when … Continue reading There’s A Shift In Workplace Culture… And That’s Alright

Moment of Clarity

I just read this great article from an online magazine I read regularly called PRSUIT about doing nothing and being ok with it. In this age of hustle and bustle, we are always so focused on do do do that we never sit down to just be in the moment and experience it. At the … Continue reading Moment of Clarity

Productive or Busy?

Yesterday, I checked in with my brother Donald R. Gaddy II to see how his week was starting off. After telling me his was going well, he asked how mine is and I responded "Busy but good." He told me to knock the word busy out of my vocabulary and that I am being productive. … Continue reading Productive or Busy?

Don’t Just Give More. Do Better.

I'm in the field of fundraising and I realize that everyone cannot always give more. It's just not fiesable. Know why? Because some years are better than others and, in a good year, knowing that my organization is a priority is amazing. But, when someone gives in a bad year, it's out of sacrifice. That … Continue reading Don’t Just Give More. Do Better.