When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Even on the worst of days, there is a bright side. It’s ok to realize that ten relatively key things are not going well but do not let that realization stop you from seeing the thousand small things that are working together for your good. Continue reading When Things Don’t Go As Planned


Long Live the King/Queen

Being in a field for a long time doesn’t make you a leader. And, in a day and age where I have the ability to read whatever I need to in order to understand the basic processes of a role, it is more important for me to invest time in developing integrity and leadership as opposed to the technical skills that can be learned. Continue reading Long Live the King/Queen

I Got The Keys (DMix)

I do not dare speculate on what business will look like 20, 10, or even 3 years from now. But I do know that, with increased access to information, our generation has the potential to be the greatest, most philanthropic generation ever to touch the earth. We just have to embrace the fact that security has died and instead has been replaced by a reward to risk ratio. Continue reading I Got The Keys (DMix)