The Haircut

Looking good is important to me. Saving money is important to me. In order to make money, I have to look good but in order to stay looking good, I have to save money. Lines must be drawn and compromises must be made. Continue reading The Haircut


The Corporate Sauce

You need someone who knows what you do for a living, what you’re looking to do in the future, who can make your hair look like it’s a part of your personality, and still make you look great for a night on the town. Your grooming professional should be your friend who you just happen to pay (and tip well) to make you look awesome. Someone who, if you’re looking for it, can hook you up with the corporate sauce. Continue reading The Corporate Sauce

The 5 Men Every Man Needs

#WellDressedWednesday is usually about… well, dressing.  But today I decided that just as important as being well-dressed is being well put together.  So I wanted to share this article by Adam Baidawi I read in Esquire. As an aside, black men, we know we have to get a haircut more frequently than this writer prescribes but otherwise, everything else pretty much hits the nail on the head. Asking for help can be hard. Asking another man for help can be harder. When a man places his trust in another person’s expertise, he’s hit with a swift one-two punch. At once, … Continue reading The 5 Men Every Man Needs