#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 3

Getting the right job title, toilet cleaning, and physical fitness all in this week's edition of #TrendingThursday 2.0.


#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 2

How often do you take a day not to vacation but to really just enjoy it? Weekends are weekends. They’re for enjoying. But when do you step away, meditate, and really focus on bettering yourself? We all need them and we shouldn’t be ashamed to take them, nor bullied when we do.

Long Live the King/Queen

Being in a field for a long time doesn't make you a leader. And, in a day and age where I have the ability to read whatever I need to in order to understand the basic processes of a role, it is more important for me to invest time in developing integrity and leadership as opposed to the technical skills that can be learned.

The Right Motivation

Do you ever look at more seasoned professionals who may have a ton of knowledge but, based on their titles/roles, are settling?  Or at a person who recently turned a promotion down and you don't understand why?  Well, last night, I realized that the right motivation can make anyone do anything. Last week, at my … Continue reading The Right Motivation

For Anyone Who Will One Day Lose a Loved One

You determine how professional you are at work. You decide how much money you invest and save. You choose your attitude every second of every day. But what you have no control over is death and a death that hits close to home can seep into your professional life and, if not handled properly, can … Continue reading For Anyone Who Will One Day Lose a Loved One

The Problem

You know what the problem with this era of capitalism is?  All loyalty is given to the bottom line.  Companies see workers as expendable.  As opposed to the personnel departments of the mid-90s and before, humans have now become resources.  Depending upon the context, the word "resource" can have a positive denotation.  But when speaking … Continue reading The Problem