Five Essential Items for Every Man’s Closet

When it comes to your clothes, it’s worth investing time and money in key pieces that will last a lifetime. by Yale Breslin ONCE UPON A TIME, men’s fashion was simple. A few pairs of jeans, a few good suits and you were set—not just for a season but for years. Talk about the good … Continue reading Five Essential Items for Every Man’s Closet


Homecoming 2014 – What to Wear?

Welcome to October!  Though autumn officially started a few weeks ago, no one really takes that seriously until October.  September is that weird in-between month that is kind of summer and kind of not.   But there's no questioning October.  It and November are the quintessential autumnal months.  And one thing that makes October so great … Continue reading Homecoming 2014 – What to Wear?

Suits & Blazers With Class

I love fashion these days because suits are cool to wear and everyone knows I love wearing suits.  But sometimes you just want to toss on a blazer with some jeans.  How exactly do you do it?  This pretty cool infographic is here to help.  Check it out and let me know what you think. … Continue reading Suits & Blazers With Class

Tuxedos & Suits

Following up on last week's post on lapels, I wanted to find something a bit more in-depth so that there wouldn't be any question about what to wear when.  Different days/nights call for different looks.  You don't wear a tux to a bar just like you wouldn't wear jeans and a blazer to a formal … Continue reading Tuxedos & Suits

Finding the Right Fit

This infographic really spoke to me.  So often, I see gentlemen with ill-fitting clothes and I want to say something to them but don't know them well enough to break that ice without offending.  I'm hoping that you'll take the time to share this piece with your family and friends so that they will in … Continue reading Finding the Right Fit

Sports Coats versus Suit Jackets

Yesterday I was on my big brother Kelly Pratt's Facebook page and he had posted a status that said "There's a difference between a sports coat and a suit jacket." I often catch myself thinking the same thing. People just don't care about what they wear these days. I say they don't care because they … Continue reading Sports Coats versus Suit Jackets

Harrison Fjord Style Cheat Sheet Pt. 1

I was checking out Pinterest and came across this pretty neat style cheat sheet.  I'm sure no one has the time before getting dressed to look through all of my Well-Dresssed Wednesday posts everytime he heads out the door but keep these simple things in mind (even save the graphic to your phone if need … Continue reading Harrison Fjord Style Cheat Sheet Pt. 1