Keep An Updated Electronic Business Card

This is a real quick, but necessary, post.

Today, my father-in-law called me and asked if I had a moment to chat. I said yes and he put me on the phone with a well-known local photographer. My father-in-law had known him for a couple decades and thought the two of us should connect. After about a 10 minute talk, the photographer asked me to text him and we’d set up a time to grab coffee at my co-working space. I texted him, he sent me his e-business card and I replied with mine.

I say all that to say, in a day and age where it is very easy and inexpensive to connect with people and share information, make sure you’re making it easy as possible for them to remember you. This is where you can tell them those things you want them to remember about you. If you want them to be able to connect with you on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can add that info. If you want them to have your mailing address and birthday, you can add that in as well. And make sure it has a decent photo, if not a professionally done one.

Create a functional e-card and use it. It’s a brand enhancer.


Make professional development a priority.


Death to the Business Card

When will the business card die?  I’m telling you, I picked up 25 cards last week and, after I transfer them into my contacts, I will throw 97% of them away, keeping only those that were exceptional marketing tools.  I just can’t see the need for business cards anymore.  It’s not like we are still in the practice of using roladexes (yes, I am old enough to remember them).  Though they allow us to quickly disseminate our contact information, I can just as quickly send you my eCard and you save me into your smartphone contact list.

This post isn’t really saying much outside of the fact that, in 2016, business cards are a waste of money.  A status piece more than anything.  Let’s reevaluate how we, as business entities, are shelling out those dollars.


Make professional development a priority.