Color Chart for the Discerning Gentleman

Hear ye, hear ye!  2013 has passed and we are now in 2014 and, in 2014, there is no excuse for you all to not be able to dress.  But everyone needs a bit of help sometimes.  Even I’m still learning all the time and I write weekly.  If you’re new to #TheReader, I’m not about keeping up with trends.  Being fashionable is great but trying to keep up will have you very broke in no time.  Instead, focus on making fashionable moves with the staples you have in your closet, maybe picking up a few trendy accessories here and there. … Continue reading Color Chart for the Discerning Gentleman

#TrendingThursday Week 73

Good morning!  One more week down.   Here are a few stories that I came across to help you as you continue to grow professionally.  Click, comment, and share.  Have a great weekend. Five Things Every Business Blogger Should Remember by James Caan The 4 Most Effective Ways Leaders Solve Problems by Glenn Llopis Overwhelmed? Uncertain? 21 Ways to Refocus by Jeff Haden 5 Critical Steps To Fearless Confrontation by Kathy Caprino Publication 521 (2013), Moving Expenses (via the Internal Revenue Service) Continue reading #TrendingThursday Week 73

Trending Thursday Week 69

Just a few of the articles I’ve been reading this past week to help you grow as a young professional.  Check out those that apply to you, share those that don’t (as well as those that do).   Have a great weekend! Does Your Resume Tell Your Story? by Liz Ryan Is Texting the Future of Workplace Communication? by Seth Fiegerman Don’t Start a Job Search Without Answering This One Question by Hunter Walk 5 Mistakes Job Hunters Make by Saeed Al Muntafiq Why Curated Content on Your Website is an Ineffective Waste of Time by Marcus Sheridan 5 Common Business … Continue reading Trending Thursday Week 69

Look the Part

Time and time again, I go to Valet for a ton of my Well-Dressed Wednesday posts because Valet has a wealth of information on traditions and trends when it comes to menswear.  Don’t sleep on them just because GQ or Esquire have a bigger market share and are more common household names.  Valet will keep you a step above.  Anyway, I say that to say this: I found a pretty good piece on Valet’s Q&A section about what to wear to different types of interviews.  Check it out below.   What should I wear on a job interview? This is … Continue reading Look the Part