It’s Time to Grow (Paraphrased)

Let me get in front of this and say I took this title from my pastor’s sermon this morning (I’m writing this on Sunday night). Really, I’m just going to paraphrase what he preached on today. To get the full scope, click and watch/listen the link below and begin at 30:30.

As my friend and pastor Dr. Byron L. Benton prepares to transition into his new role as Pastor of Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC, he spoke to the fact that, if there is no movement, there is no growth. Now, whether you’re religious or not, you can’t refute that. Though it may be challenging to let go of your comfort zone, you have to do it. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Serve the purpose you’re meant to serve for the season you’re meant to serve it in. But do yourself a favor and move when it’s time.

I hope you start this week with this message and contemplating how you need to prepare to move to the next place in your life. It’s imperative that you grow not only for yourself but for others. It’ll be painful at first, just like all growth is, but it is a part of our human experience.

Dr. B said a lot more during that his sermon about what to do during your sedentary seasons. Check out the sermon here. You can start at the 30:30 mark if you’re not looking to capture the worship side of things.


Make growth a priority.


Don’t Lose Focus

“If you need to quit your job, that’s fine. Quit on Friday at 5 PM. But don’t tell anyone you’re quitting. And be back at your desk on Monday morning. Do that every week until you don’t have to anymore.” — Pastor Byron L. Benton

My pastor gave me that advice after a tough week at work a while back. I wanted to give up. But, you know what? Life happens. People come. People go. People come back. People leave again. New people enter. Old people exit. Jobs come. Cars come. Sometimes you’ve got to ride the bus. Dreams succeed. Plans fail. But, through it all, know that you’re here for something bigger than whatever is going on right now.

There have been times where we all have lost ourselves. We’ve missed the mark. Our focus shifts. But, whatever that focus is, don’t lose it. You cannot afford to lose it. What you can afford is to work hard until you need a break and then take that break. You can afford to stumble, fall, and get up. You can afford to turn around and walk in the wrong direction, only to realize that you’ve lost your direction. What you cannot afford to do is completely give up.

I didn’t get the job I wanted. I lost family members. I had business ideas fail. I’ve had my days like you’ve had yours. I’ve wanted to quit. Sometimes I did tell myself I quit and I thought I meant it. But, here I am, still pushing. Still figuring out ways I can make the purpose I was born to serve pay my bills. You are no less capable than I. I know you can do it. So, if you need to quit, quit. But don’t tell anyone in a position of power that you’ve quit. And, tomorrow or next week or next month or whenever you need to be back on your grind, be there. And go hard.

You were put here for a purpose and, if you give up, you’ll be letting all of humanity down. Your gift is that powerful.


Make saving the world a priority.