Beautiful Chance

On yesterday’s final run of the month, I came across a small WWII-era airport that was tucked away at the very end of a dead end road. Being that I am a history buff who was born and raised in the Triangle, I thought I would’ve known something as cool as this was here.

The point of this is that, when you set a goal, like I did last month and you go above and beyond, more blessings come. You see, I ran an extra 2 miles past my goal yesterday. Had I stopped running a half a mile earlier (which would’ve put me right on track for hitting my goal with precision), I would have never seen this airport. I wouldn’t have these amazing photos.

Life is about chance but sometimes we create our own.


Make going that extra mile a priority.


Next Chapter

May was the end of a chapter. I resigned from my role as the Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Relations at my school. I’m on a D.C.-bound bus right now about to head out of the country for a couple months to explore, write, and hopefully take some of the best photographs I’ve ever taken.Β To sum it up, my life is exciting. I don’t know for sure where it’s headed but I know it won’t be in a direction of failure.

Because I didn’t have it for a long time, I associated success with stability and stability with staying put. But, if you’re staying put in a space where you aren’t utilizing your gifts properly, you’re always going to feel as if something is missing. This step into uncertainty is inspiring and motivating. The way humans have survived for millennia is by knowing that “If I don’t do A, B will not happen, resulting in C.”

If I don’t get an education, I won’t be able to read, resulting in fewer opportunities.

If I don’t exercise, I won’t be able to move efficiently in the case of an emergency, resulting in harm to myself.

If I don’t have an income, I won’t be able to pay my living expenses, resulting in destitution. I refuse to live in destitution if I can help it (and I always believe I can).

While I am not 100% sure of what is next, I do understand human nature and how it applies to where I am on the 11,122nd day of my life. We were not only made to survive; we aspire to thrive. While all cannot, I will do both.


Make stepping into the unknown every now and then a priority.