Long Live the King/Queen

Being in a field for a long time doesn't make you a leader. And, in a day and age where I have the ability to read whatever I need to in order to understand the basic processes of a role, it is more important for me to invest time in developing integrity and leadership as opposed to the technical skills that can be learned.


Character Over Everything

I don't care what you have or what social circles you frequent. The number of square feet in your home do not matter, nor do the businesses you own. Hitler owned Maybachs. Hillary knew Donald long before either of the two knew they'd run for president. Slave owners had some of the largest homes in … Continue reading Character Over Everything

The World Isn’t Yours

People aren't going to think the way you want them to think because you want them to think that way. Your employees aren't going to learn like you do because you want them to learn that way. Some people love structure. Some people love freedom. The more we learn about human nature, the more we … Continue reading The World Isn’t Yours


"Higher position just amplifies character, it doesn't change it." -- Pastor (soon to be Dr.) Byron L. Benton More often than not, we speak of character as if it is a good thing. And it certainly can be but there are also people with bad character. That being said, elevated positions will bring out what … Continue reading Elevations

Leave a Legacy

In the autumn of 2003, I was asked to represent the Chapel Hill-Carborro City Schools district at a conference for high-performing minority students across the country. After my first conference, my presence was requested two more times, one conference being in Princeton, NJ and the other in Cambridge, MA. On my travels, I met some driven, … Continue reading Leave a Legacy

Take Ownership

I have a confession: I've been late before. Yes, me! Mr. Stickler-For-Time-Management has been tardy. And I am embarrassed to say it has happened a couple times over the course of my professional life. No where near regularly. I may be late to something once a year (as opposed to some folks who I know … Continue reading Take Ownership