Turkey Before Thanksgiving

A few shots from Istanbul, Turkey. Seeing this city was a beautiful surprise gift from God. Continue reading Turkey Before Thanksgiving


#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 4

Is Coffee Good for You? New Study Shows the Drink May Help People Live Longer—Even if It's DecafIf you know me, I'm a coffee drinker. I've cut back this year but I still do at least a cup per work day. But, there's always some study coming out saying "Decrease your coffee intake." Well, this one supports my habit so I decided I'd share it. It's probably the only one I'll see of its kind for a year. As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped AwayI'm really praying that they lost my paperwork. I'm sure many … Continue reading #TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 4