Breaking Monotony

You never know what you'll need to look like in your next work environment, so developing versatility now should be the game plan.


9 Things Successful Women Never Do

While I don’t believe in the words “always” or “never” in the year 2017, I do believe that LaRae Quy makes some great points in this article. And, fellas, there is a ton we can take from this piece as well. All around good reading but, ladies, this one’s for you.

If You’re Serious About It

This past weekend, I was at the screening of Creative NC, a documentary about creative culture in North Carolina and one guy said something that was profound to me. He said that if not getting enough likes on your artwork can discourage you from being an artist, you're not going to make it. I find … Continue reading If You’re Serious About It

Even When You’re Wrong

The world famous Michael Jordan put his foot in his mouth this weekend. And that's ok. Everyone makes mistakes. Sadly, his was made during halftime of the most watched regular season game of all college basketball. But you know what they say: No publicity is bad publicity. The Jordan brand could likely release a piece … Continue reading Even When You’re Wrong

Speaking With Conviction

This is one of my favorite poems. I am big on the intentional utilization of words and, too frequently, people toss in fillers and speak without confidence because they lack confidence. Know what you're saying and know what you're talking about. Aspire for eloquence and not mediocrity. You won't always hit the mark but at … Continue reading Speaking With Conviction

Confident Communication

Yesterday, I posted about vocal fry, so I wanted to follow up with another post that touches on how to be a better communicator. One thing that I wish more people did is communicate confidently.  I try to make sure that, whether I am speaking, typing, or writing, I end sentences with the proper punctuation.  … Continue reading Confident Communication