Five Years In

Thank you all for reading, commenting, responding, subscribing, and for just being a part of my journey in professional development. You may not know it but every comment, every hit, every like and share lets me know that my writing is impactful. This has been a great five years and I look forward to many more.


Finish > Fast

You won't always reach your goals when you set out to. But every minute we're on this earth is another opportunity to get back on track and do what you've been placed here to do.

My Formula

Though I'm not yet "successful”, I am working toward success and I’m getting glimpses at it. My formula has been simple and will remain that way: create so much dope content consistently that, once you are discovered by an entity bigger than yourself, your body of work will speak for itself.  Whether you see it … Continue reading My Formula

Meeting Ms. Issa Rae

Some of us are awkward and insecure and oddly funny folks who don't like seeing the same person in the hall three times in a work day because how many times can you really say "Hello"?

The Name of the Game

Consistency. That's the name of the game. Welcome to 2017. No one knows me for being a blogger exactly. My brand doesn't rely on the fact that I have a professional development blog. There are millions of "bloggers" across the world. But I can't think of many who are daily bloggers. Consistency is what keeps … Continue reading The Name of the Game

What You Won’t Do Is…

What you won't do is maintain an incredible physique without eating right and working out. You won't keep an exemplary marriage without communication and compromise (quick shoutout to my gorgeous bride on my 1,0v3 post). And you won't have a thriving career without consistency and ideas. Consistency has accomplished much more than an idea ever will. … Continue reading What You Won’t Do Is…

You Can Keep Your Handouts

Inspired by a short clip from Diddy's Instagram page. I don't want a handout.  I don't even want an opportunity.  Just tell me where the opportunities are created.  I'll show up.  I'll show up so well dressed and well prepared that you'll want to give me an opportunity.  And, if you don't give me the opportunity … Continue reading You Can Keep Your Handouts