#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 11

Whether you're trying to be more productive in the office or take off and travel the world in the most creative fashion possible, this week's trending articles have something for you (or at least someone you know).


The Creative’s Dress Game

Whatever your look, let it be inspired and let it inspire. We're all here to make one another better. Borrow a part of someone else's style and help someone else when they're trying to borrow an aspect of yours.

Maintaining Relationships

This past weekend, I had nothing to do and no one to hang out with (Desirée and her sorority sisters took a road trip), so I left work on Friday and hit the road for Charlotte. On my way there, I was posting periodically to my Instagram story and one of my friends of almost … Continue reading Maintaining Relationships

Don’t Become a Slave

Money is necessary. Don't let anyone tell you it's not. But you cannot let anyone own you with a piece of paper. Your dreams are more valuable than that paper. Sure, you have to work and make money but don't let that keep you from dreaming. This post is more so me talking to me … Continue reading Don’t Become a Slave

Ultralight Beam Tuesday

Today, I'm on an ultralight beam.  I mean, on a ROLL.  Completed 6 projects that I've had writer's block on for too long.  Structured another project.  Sometimes you just have those days where all barriers are removed and, on those days, you have to do everything you can to take advantage of them.  Let the … Continue reading Ultralight Beam Tuesday

Shaking It Up: A Call For Content and Contributors.

Success is a process.  You find what does work and what doesn't.  Some things work 47% of the time, kind of work 32%, and, the other 21%, they flop.  That's how this blogging thing is.  I started off with themed topics daily (Motivational Monday, Tech Tuesday, Well-Dressed Wednesday, Trending Thursday, and Financial Friday) for the … Continue reading Shaking It Up: A Call For Content and Contributors.

Playing Dress Up: The Interview

Different industries have different standards of dress when it comes to interviewing for a position.  Though there is never any definite way to dress for a given industry (which is why you should research the company culture before stepping foot into the door), this infographic is a good foundation for you gentlemen who are going … Continue reading Playing Dress Up: The Interview