Fill In The Blank

Don't try to clip our wings just because someone told you you couldn't fly.


Death to (Workplace) Rape Culture

Let's talk about the side of America and the American workplace that no one wants to: the misogynistic side. Just as America was built on the brains and backs of black people, it was birthed from the wombs, works, and wisdom of women. Why do we treat those we owe so much to so poorly? Will that forever be an inherent human flaw?

It’s OK to Discriminate

Today, I'm here to discuss discrimination. I am here to motivate you to discriminate. Most people see that and think, "Why would he want people discriminating?" I'm not telling you to be prejudiced. This type of discrimination requires that you have knowledge of the person's work ethic before. It has nothing to do with race … Continue reading It’s OK to Discriminate