Figuring Out Dress Codes

It's 2017. Stop going into places with defined dress codes dressed inappropriately. Today, I had lunch at a country club. The invitation stated that the dress code was club casual. Though I had a good idea of what that meant, do you know what I did? I Googled "Club casual" to make sure my understanding … Continue reading Figuring Out Dress Codes


Working Woman: Are you dressed for the job?

With today's society playing a huge role in fashion, sometimes it is important to stick with the basics - what fashion guru's would call essentials - when dressing for work or interviews. I know we all have our connotations for the word "basic", but breath, it's not always a bad term to gravitate to. It … Continue reading Working Woman: Are you dressed for the job?

Summertime (Business) Fly

Summer is sneaking up on us. This means it's time for bright shorts and colorful slacks. But know your company's dress code before you decide to come in with Kelly green Khakis. If you work at a conservative firm, Casual Fridays doesn't mean it's time to don your canary yellow shorts and flip flops. I … Continue reading Summertime (Business) Fly